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Pre-conception Genetic Testing for Family Planning

MolMart is dedicated to being your reliable partner for comprehensive genetic testing services in the UK, catering specifically to clinics and healthcare providers.

We recognize the significance of family planning in clinical practice, and our mission revolves around supporting your patients with the knowledge and insights necessary so they can make informed decisions concerning their health and that of their families’. With MolMart’s solutions, you can confidently guide your patients on their family planning journey, secure in the knowledge that you have access to cutting-edge genetic testing solutions tailored to clinical needs.

Who is SureMart for?

As a Healthcare professional, MolMart will collaborate closely with you to ensure that you deliver essential genetic information empowering your patients to make informed decisions. This partnership enhances preventive measures and supports effective family planning strategies within your clinical practice.

SureMart Pre-conception Genetic Testing is recommended to:

  • Prospective Parents – Whether you are embarking on your journey to parenthood or expanding your family, SureMart equips you with personalized genetic insights, guiding your family planning decisions with confidence.
  • Couples with a family history of genetic disease – If a member of your family or your partner’s family has had genetic testing in the UK or elsewhere or is affected by genetic disease,  MolMart offers clarity and solutions to help you make informed choices regarding your family planning choices.
  • Individuals with a curiosity about their personal reproductive vitality – For those individuals who seek a deeper understanding of their genetic makeup and potential risk of passing on a genetic disease to their child, SureMart provides valuable insights, facilitating better healthcare decisions.
  • Couples from a close family union – the risk of having a child affected by a genetic disorder is higher in couples from a close family union.

Why choose SureMart?

Every couple has a 1-2% risk of having a child with a genetic disease. Data by W.H.O. tells us that, on average, 1 in 100 babies will be born with a genetic disease.

Our unique technology integrates AI and machine learning analysis to enhance the delivery of precise and dependable results.

SureMart offers enhanced genetic testing of over 8,000 known genetic disorders, including 500 of the most common genetic disorders (such as cystic fibrosis, a- and b- thalassaemia, spinal muscular atrophy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy etc.)

We want to give you peace of mind through your family planning journey. 

SureMart’s unique genetic testing algorithms  will assist you and your patients in making informed decisions about family planning, significantly reducing the uncertainties often associated with pregnancy.

How will SureMart guide your family planning journey?

At the most important crossroads of a couple’s life, SureMart will help you give your child the most important gift – the gift of health.

  • Making a decision about your future family’s health from a place of knowledge. Pre-conception Genetic Testing provides vital insights into personalized genetic risk, empowering healthcare professionals and patients alike to make informed decisions regarding family planning and healthcare strategies.
  • Peace of Mind: SureMart’s accurate and comprehensive genetic testing delivers peace of mind to both healthcare providers and patients, alleviating the uncertainties often associated with family planning.
  • Preventing Genetic Disorders – by uncovering personalized genetic risks for the transmission of genetic disorders to the next generation at the pre-conception stage, SureMart will help you take proactive measures to minimize the chances of passing these conditions to future generations.
  • Tailored Genetic Solutions: A deep understanding of one’s genetic profile enables the creation of personalized solutions for family planning.

SureMart Pricing Tiers

SureMart provides a variety of genetic testing tiers, giving clinics and healthcare providers the flexibility to select the level of analysis that aligns with their specific clinical requirements