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Data Analysis and MAIA – Powering Precision Genetic Insights


What is MAIA?

At the heart of our technological excellence is MAIA, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Analyst.  MAIA is designed to deliver precise and informative genomic insights, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of accuracy in their genetic testing results.

The Data Analysis & MAIA Process

MIRS – We employ cutting-edge technology to extract and analyze the genetic data within your sample. MAIA is designed to provide accurate and scalable solutions. Our advanced AI-driven bioinformatics methodologies ensure accurate and scalable results. Developed in-house, MAIA harnesses the power of MIRS, our proprietary Integrative Ranking Score, to optimize variant selection. This sophisticated algorithm incorporates predictive models and state-of-the-art tools to deliver precise and informative genetic insights.

Variant Selection –  MAIA combines information from several database tools and predictive platforms in a unique way to identify those variants in your DNA that are of clinical significance. We use internationally endorsed guidelines published by ACMG (American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics) throughout our data analysis and reporting process.

Clinical Report and Actionable Solutions – we believe in a solutions-based approach to our genetic services.  In our clinical report, we present recommendations and actionable solutions to help you make informed decisions regarding your health and well-being.

How does MAIA work?

Accurate data analysis – We couldn’t do it without MAIA. DNA sequencing and analysis creates large data files that are not readable by a human.

An individual’s DNA data file is compared to a “reference” genome and any differences between the individual and the “reference” genome are marked in a special way – this is a process called “annotation”.

MAIA is the AI brain of MolMart – MAIA evaluates  thousands of pieces of DNA data, assembles information from database tools and selects the genetic variants of the highest clinical relevance.

Rapid Results with Precision – with MAIA, we can process and analyze data files quickly and accurately. MAIA has been tested and validated using hundreds of Exome data in order to provide precision results


Illuminating the Blueprint of Life

What is NGS sequencing?

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a technology that enables the rapid sequencing of an individual’s DNA. What used to take almost a decade to complete just 20 years ago can now be accomplished in a single day. NGS reconstructs the exact sequence of the building blocks that constitute your DNA, offering a detailed view of your genetic makeup. 

This technological advancement has greatly accelerated our ability to analyze and understand genomic information, leading to significant breakthroughs in various fields of Genetics, Genomics and medicine.

How Does DNA Sequencing Work?

DNA sequencing operates by assembling short pieces of an individual’s DNA into longer segments, which are subsequently assembled into a complete DNA sequence. This process involves complex computational algorithms to ensure the accuracy of the assembled sequence.

The resulting unique DNA sequence is then compared to a “reference genome,” and any differences, known as variants, between the individual’s DNA and the reference genome are identified and compiled into a data file. This step uses computationally complex algorithms to precisely identify and compile these genetic variations.