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Uncovering the Genetic Cause

Does a member of your family suffer from a suspected inherited condition?

Have they undergone several tests and are still no closer to an answer?

Who is ExoMart For?

Genetic disease can take many forms and vary significantly in severity from person to person. Without a confirmed diagnosis, it is difficult to plan ahead. As a healthcare professional, it is hard to manage your patient’s medical treatment without a diagnosis.

A confirmed diagnosis opens the door for potential medical treatment. It also helps the family reach both an end and a new beginning.

ExoMart is recommended in the following situations:

  • Newborn, children or adolescents with a suspected, undiagnosed genetic condition –   if you have a family member with a suspected genetic condition, ExoMart can identify the underlying genetic causes, enabling more targeted medical interventions.
  • Families wanting  to end the “diagnostic odyssey” – if you have been waiting for several months or years for an answer to a suspected genetic condition, ExoMart will help you end the wait. We aim to reach a diagnosis within 4~6 weeks.
  • Families who have previously lost a child to genetic disease – if you have lost a child due to a suspected genetic disease, ExoMart can shed light as to the cause. Once ExoMart has pinpointed the genetic cause, we can help the family to plan for the next healthy pregnancy, if this is what they wish to do.

Why choose ExoMart?

Diagnostic Genomic testing through ExoMart can be a valuable tool in your clinical practice for many reasons:

  • Precision Genomic Diagnosis –  ExoMart’s cutting-edge technology excels at pinpointing disease-causing genetic variants, enabling healthcare providers to make a precise diagnosis, which in turn guides more accurate and effective treatment strategies for patients.
  • Personalized Treatment –  Armed with a confirmed diagnosis of the genetic condition, medical professionals can guide therapeutic treatment plans.  This personalized approach significantly enhances the quality of life and outcomes for individuals under care.
  • To help other family members –  Identifying the genetic causes of a clinical condition not only benefits the individual but also extends to other family members. Early understanding of a genetic condition in the family can potentially assist other family members who might be starting their own family journey.

Technological advantages of ExoMart

  1. Unique AI algorithms – with ExoMart, we offer enhanced screening of thousands of genetic variants, Our MAIA algorithm, powered by advanced AI analysis and machine learning, ensures the delivery of precise and reliable results, enabling you to make informed clinical decisions with confidence.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our reports are meticulously curated by our team of expert clinical geneticists. These reports not only provide diagnoses but also include tailored recommendations for effective healthcare management, enhancing the quality of care you can provide to your patients.

ExoMart Tiers

ExoMart provides a range of genetic testing tiers, offering flexibility to clinics and healthcare providers to choose the level of analysis that best aligns with their specific clinical requirements.

ExoMart Genetic Tier